Lost Pet Specialist...helping people get lost pets home!!
About Lost Pet Specialist:
We provide professional pet detective services in the Dallas/Fort Worth
area of north Texas, as well as parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas,
and Louisiana. We are now offering Private Investigation services and
can assist on stolen pet cases. Phone consultations are available

Our goal is to support people who've lost a pet and assist them in using
the various resources to bring their pet home. Our mission is to offer lost

Here are some of the ways we can help:

About Bonnie Hale:
Bonnie is a certified Missing Animal Response (MAR) Technician and a
licensed TX Private Investigator #00585340. She has helped many dogs
and cats get home to the people who love them. She received her training
in 2007 through
Missing Pet Partnership, a nonprofit organization that
has pioneered the use of search and rescue techniques to find lost pets.
Bonnie lives in Grapevine, TX with three dogs, and a cat. Bonnie is also
a painter and writer but works full time as a pet detective.

About Search Dog Bodhi
Bodhi is a mixed breed dog who Bonnie rescued from the streets of
Texas. Although we tried to find his family, he eventually became part of
ours. He quickly made a place for himself on the search team by
following Murphy on cat searches. Bodhi loves finding lost cats, but he
also searches for other small pets such as bunnies, ferets, rats, etc. His
agility and small size make him a natural for searching sheds full of junk
and other tight spaces. He is also our master remains detection dog and
he's brought closure to many families by finding the very small amount
of remains left behind when pets have been taken by predators.

About Search Dog Idabelle:
Idabelle, a Black & Tan Coonhound, joined our team on 2012 after
being rescued from a shelter in San Angelo. If she reminds you of a
bloodhound, it's because Black & Tans were originally bred from black

  • Speak with you by phone to develop the right search strategy
  • Conduct physical, in-person searches
  • Use trained tracking, trailing, and detection dogs
  • Assist you with internet-based recovery tools
  • Guide you in using all the best lost pet recovery tools
  • Provide private investigation services such as background
    checks and surveillance to recover stolen pets
Bonnie Hale, Lost Pet Specialist
and Search Dog Murphy
After 9 years of searching for lost
pets, Murphy crossed the bridge in
Dec. 2017. He was almost 17 years
old. He was a hero to many. To
me, he was just the best dog ever.
Idabelle, dog tracker
Bodhi, cat detection dog and
cadaver dog