From Martha Freeman, St. Louis, MO:

Friday night, our worst nightmare happened. Tucker, our cat, was on our outside deck and suddenly got spooked. We frantically searched for him until dark,
scouring the neighborhood and calling his name. Losing Tucker was most difficult for us, as just six months ago we lost three other cats, as well as our home, in a
horrific fire. The thought of losing another pet was unbearable.

When Bonnie arrived she asked about Tucker's behavior, told us how scent detection dogs work, and did a great job of not raising our expectations too high.
We discussed what to do if Murphy was unsuccessful. Then the search began. Bonnie gave Murphy Tucker's scent from one of the cat's toys and told him "Find
the Kitty!"

Murphy was incredible. From the beginning, it was very obvious that he could smell the cat where we could see nothing. [About 2 hours later,] came a magical
moment--Murphy gave a convincing signal that he had found his was indeed Tucker!  It was the happiest day of my life.

I write this in my excitement and enthusiasm for what I witnessed, and will never forget. I feel passionate and hope to spread the word of Bonnie and her
wonderful dog Murphy throughout our community so others too can benefit from the service they provide.
From Brittany Aethranis, Knoxville, TN (after an in-depth phone consultation)

When I lost my dog, I had no idea what to do. We had looked for him, but I had reached a point where I was just crying and waiting for him to come home.
When I spoke to Bonnie, she gave me the tools and the tips I needed to get into action. My attitude changed from a person waiting for her dog into a person
working to find her dog. My family and I were in such a frantic state, and Bonnie's calm voice telling me where to get started and where to go next put me in a
better frame of mind to find Tank. Sure enough, we did get him back after 3 days, healthy and doing great. I will forever be thankful to Bonnie for helping me and
empowering me in a time when I felt so helpless. In the future, I will recommend that the first step for anyone with a lost pet is to call Bonnie.
Lost Pet Specialist...helping people get their lost pets home!!

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From Melissa Ward, Ft. Worth TX:

Since Day 3 of Maggie being missing was coming upon me, I hired a "pet detective" named Bonnie Hale and her dog Murphy to help me find Maggie.  We met
early on Monday morning and I took her to the last place Maggie was seen.  Murphy took her scent and was on her trail.  For 3 hours he searched for her and
we found her bloody paw prints on the sidewalk.  She had walked so much looking for me that she rubbed the pads on her paws raw....Close to where we lost
her paw prints, Murphy was pulling at Bonnie and led her into some brush and woods.  They went down the hill and after a few minutes, Bonnie called out to me,
"Melissa, it's Maggie."  My heart jumped and I dropped everything I was carrying and ran down the hill into the brush and she was there!  She was still scared,
but once she saw me she whined and gave me kisses.  She then went to Murphy and gave him hugs and kisses as saying, "Thanks for telling my mommy where I
was."  It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen and cannot express my gratitude enough to Bonnie and Murphy.  
If anyone is ever in the situation I was in, I would absolutely recommend Bonnie and Murphy.  I never would have found Maggie without them.
From William and Robin, Denton TX (after an in-depth phone consultation for their bloodhound, Brutal, who escaped from the vet's office):

Bonnie was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.  She gave us pointers, advice, and most of all HOPE.  Her knowledge about logistics, animal psychology, search
techniques, among many other worthwhile tips were spot on.  Within 18 HOURS of speaking with Bonnie, we had Brutal BACK HOME.  I am still in AWE of
her knowledge on what to do, and how to achieve a positive result in this type of situation, as well as her genuine caring for the lost animal and the feelings of the
family involved.  She will be a family HERO for the rest of our lives.
From Lois C., Austin TX

Thanks to Murphy we found our precious kitty, Azure Sky!!  Azure had been missing 8 1/2 days.  Murphy  went inside the next door neighbor's garage that was
jam-packed with furniture, boxes and various stored articles. With all the things in this garage it would have been impossible to even know for sure that Azure
was in there.  But Murphy soon targeted Azure Sky through all the various objects and would not be distracted.  Soon we recognized that this kitty was indeed
Azure Sky.  We were so relieved, happy and very grateful to Murphy and his professional skill and talent.  If it weren't for Murphy we could have only
suspected that Azure was in this man's garage and never would have known. Over time, Azure Sky would have suffered and died slowly, all alone; trapped in
this man's garage.  Every time we look at Azure Sky we are so very grateful to a "Special Angel Rescuer, Murphy."
From Steven Steward, Carrollton, TX:

My testimonial has a bit of a different ending, but my respect for Bonnie and her dog Murphy is deep.  After our beloved cat Calpurnia came up missing, my
wife and I suspected a coyote may have been involved.  Through the diligence, expertise, and dedication of Bonnie and Murphy, we unfortunately learned that
our suspicion was indeed true.  But I cannot speak enough to the professionalism and heartfelt compassion that Bonnie displayed when the worst was realized.  
If your pet is out there and needs to be found, I sincerely believe that Bonnie and Murphy will find them.  If there is another outcome (And believe me, I know
the pain), you will still be glad that you retained the services of Bonnie and Murphy.  They will always have our thanks.

From Tami Ka'auamo, Austin TX (Cat Lolo found after being missing for TWO weeks)

One Saturday night, we had some friends over, who also stayed the night.  I woke up the next morning and found
that our friends had departed. I called for my cat, and started trembling- my worst fear- my baby slipped out the
door behind someone!  Usually, when this had happened before, Lolo would come back within a day or two.  
Everyone told me to remain calm, that he'd be back, but of course--I knew that feeling in my gut wasn't a good
one.  A few days passed- time to get to work.  We registered and activated his microchip, handed out 154 flyers
door to door, laminated 10 and posted them on poles around the neighborhood, amber pet alert notified 1000
neighbors and 100 businesses, notified every local vet, checked every shelter near and far, constantly online,
Craiglist, Facebook, listed him on every lost pet site that exists on the WWW, had 6 people actively canvasing the
block daily and nightly, set cat traps, and spoke to every neighbor who was willing to listen. We continued this
diligently for 2 weeks- at this point desperate--we called Bonnie Hale, Pet Detective. She came immediately the
next day, first thing in the morning.  She comforted us, but also approached our situation with real possibilities, the
good and the bad.  She prepared us for whatever the end result held for us.  Considering most of her successful
searches were on pets who'd been gone a week or less- we realized we were aiming high.  Bonnie, Murphy, and I
had an unsuccessful scent search for Lolo [because the original scent trail was no longer viable]. At the end of our
search, however, Bonnie came in and discussed our last few options and left us with her last words of advice-
those last words of advice made a world of difference.  We followed her instructions without hesitation and
completed our task that same night- the following morning at 10am we got a phone call from one of our neighbors
who returned our baby LOLO home safe and sound!!! UNREAL!!!!! OVER 2 WEEKS LATER MY BABY